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103 Club Ave st
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South Africa

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Behind The Brand

I am an independent graphic designer based in Pretoria, South Africa. I have a passion for branding. There is something about business branding that makes the hours behind the computer well worth it. Clever design thinking and communication skills are needed for the best brand outcome.  

A well thought through brand definitely needs to be intelligently strategized and creatively designed.This drives my passion for branding.

I graduated at the University of Pretoria with a BA Information Design Degree (CUM Laude in Design). I started off my career at Trigger Isobar in Johannesburg as a junior digital designer. I worked on brands like, Cell C, Woolworths, Nike, Total, Nokia, Kellogg's and Esteé Lauder. BUT my heart wasn't lying with rolling-out big brands, I wanted to make brands BIG! So I decided to start my own design business so that I can start changing, both intelligent and creatively, one business at a time.